Downtown Breakfast with Campbell Newman

02 Feb 2012

Last Tuesday (24 January) Leader of the LNP and Candidate for Ashgrove, Campbell Newman, launched The ‘CanDo’ LNP Property and Construction Strategy at the Property Council’s first Downtown Breakfast for the year.

Over 450 members of the property industry attended breakfast to hear the eagerly awaited final instalment of the LNP’s strategy for a ‘Four Pillar Queensland Economy’.

The LNP’s Property and Construction Strategy not only recognises the importance of the sector to Queensland, but also commits the LNP to important structural changes and policy outcomes should they win government at the next election.

The document is open for consultation until 18 February, 2012.

A big thank you to Baulderstone, sponsors of our Downtown Breakfast series, whose generosity makes events like this possible.


To view a copy of The ‘CanDo’ LNP Property and Construction Strategy click here.

 Campbell Newman 4

Brad Jones - RPS and Matt McAndrew - Peet Limited

Campbell 2

Stuart Grierson - Department of Public Works and Nathan Williams - BBS Communications

Campbell Newman 1

Greg Chemello - Ranbury and Mark Burow - RLB

Campbell Newman 2

Anita Kharbanda - Watpac, Sarah Dixon - Rowland and Suzanne Cryle - Peabody