RELEASED: Autumn 2015 Consensus Forecasts and NEW Insights

RELEASED: Autumn 2015 Consensus Forecasts and NEW Insights

The Autumn 2015 Consensus Forecasts Office is available with NEW ADDITION Insights.


What will this election mean for property?

18 Mar 15 - Felicity Wilson
With just over a week to go until we head to the polls in NSW, our political leaders have been outlining key elements of their plans for the future of our state. So what’s the impact for the property industry?

Strategy release: a strong property industry ...

18 Mar 15 - Evelyn Subagio
The Property Council’s Strategy for 2015-2017 has been released. Our mission is to champion a strong property industry with a vision of a thriving industry creating prosperity, jobs and strong communities.

More Priority Precincts needed

18 Mar 15 - Kamani Krishnan
In addition to the Government’s announced Priority Precincts, policy settings will now need to replenish the stock of major sites for apartment projects, in line with official population expectations.