Going for growth

03 Jul 2013
Amelia Jalland
Property Council of Australia

The first of the regional strategies to be devised under NSW’s new planning system, the Draft Metropolitan Strategy for Sydney to 2031 is the road-map to Sydney’s status as a global city.

Outlining how transport, infrastructure and land-use should come together to provide an interconnected, productive, liveable and sustainable region, the Strategy sets the framework for Sydney’s sub-regions to deliver the growth NSW needs.

The Strategy identifies an ambitious set of priorities for growth from urban activation precincts, city shapers to employment hubs and the housing and jobs numbers needed to cater for and sustain Sydney’s future.

The Property Council’s submission focuses on:

  • A more hard-headed approach to implementation and accountability – with an emphasis on what needs to be done to ensure the capacity for delivery is supported.
  • Smarter solutions to integrated planning and infrastructure – innovative financing alternatives, securing the next generation of infrastructure, supporting sustainability in practice.
  • Stronger recognition of the role the private sector will play in delivery of growth – getting the numbers right for balanced growth and having market intelligence at the table.

To see what the Strategy needs to make a pro-growth vision a reality, click here to read our full submission.