2015 NSW/ACT Shopping Centre Directory OUT NOW!

2015 NSW/ACT Shopping Centre Directory OUT NOW!

The 2015 NSW/ACT Shopping Centre Directory has been released!


Canberra – the collaboration capital?

27 Mar 15 - Catherine Carter
Walk around the Canberra city centre on any given day, and you can see what happens when everyone works in isolation. Tired buildings, empty streets and small pockets of vitality swimming in a sea of grey. It’s time for a different approach – one in which the community, local businesses, building owners and the ACT Government collaborate to find solutions and revitalise the heart and soul of our city.

Transforming Canberra’s City Centre

25 Mar 15 - Catherine Carter
A new discussion paper, Transforming Canberra’s City Centre, has been launched by the Property Council of Australia and Canberra CBD Limited to ‘rev up’ Canberra’s engine room and accelerate progress in revitalising Canberra’s CBD

The secret is in our streets

20 Mar 15 - Catherine Carter
The most exciting element of any city is people. So says Professor Rob Adams, who has spent the last thirty years transforming Melbourne’s CBD from a series of windswept streets into the vibrant, cosmopolitan city we see today.