Telecommunications infrastructure in new ...

23 Jan 15 - Property Council
This submission focuses on the key issues arising from the policy which will significantly impact residential developers and homeowner nationally.

Airport plans receive federal approval

19 Jan 15 - Property Week
Master plans for Adelaide and Perth airports, which will provide strategic direction and intended land use for the airports for the next 20 years, have been approved by the Australian Government.

Privatisation of electricity networks makes sense

Privatisation of electricity networks makes sense

The Property Council has released a report that reinforces our long standing position that Government should not hold assets that result in a misdirection of public funds into businesses that would operate more efficiently in private ownership.



A New Year

Monday, 19 Jan 15
Welcome back! I hope the sun, sand and over-indulgence were good for you.

People Watch

Chris Mountford
20 Nov 2014
Chris Mountford is the Executive Director of the Queensland Division of the Property Council of Australia.

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Retirement Living

Nominate a rising star

21 Jul 14
The Rising Generation Award is an opportunity to celebrate the success of young individuals who display innovation and leadership in their work and uphold the values of the retirement living industry.

Super stress for retirees

Super stress for retirees

28 Jul 14 - Property Week
Current superannuation structures may soon lead to hundreds of thousands of retirees renting, downsizing or moving in with their children because of dwindling retirement funds, says Club Plus Super.


The Colour of Money

08 Dec 14
Green Cities 2015 offers investors a way to know that they’re doing the right thing, for themselves and for the planet, says Romilly Madew, chief executive of the Green Building Council of Australia.

Green isn’t the new black

Green isn’t the new black

05 Jan 15 - Maria Atkinson
When I was in the US earlier in the year, I saw Earth Hour and World Water Day being promoted on billboards normally reserved for the latest movie blockbuster.


What next for office space?

What next for office space?

23 Dec 14 - Eynas Brodie
From the campus-style workplace to the more traditional office in CBD and suburban areas, the office is undergoing transformation.


Building for a Resilient 2015

08 Jan 15
Strong ABS Building Approvals numbers recorded for November 2014, support ongoing activity in the pipeline for new homes to provide a much needed boost for housing supply and construction jobs, as we move into 2015.

Residential building activity drives jobs and economy

Residential building activity drives jobs and economy

15 Jan 15 - Nick Proud
ABS Building Activity figures released today confirm that residential construction activity is a vital industry underpinning jobs and the economic growth in 2015.


Global faces of retail

30 Dec 14
Shopping centres are amazingly versatile in terms of the markets they serve. Michael Baker looks at four centres globally that distinguish themselves in diverse markets.

The future of retail property

The future of retail property

06 Jan 15 - Bernard Salt
Just over a decade ago, there was a lot of fuss in the property industry caused by an ‘expert’ prediction that the traditional shopping centre was ‘dead’ because soon enough everyone was going to shop online.

Infrastructure & Planning

Opportunity unlocked by Regional Plan delay

17 Nov 14
Recently the Property Council received confirmation from the Queensland Government that the South East Queensland Regional Plan will undergo further revision and development before its release in 2015.

Future metropolis: Planning for 2050

Future metropolis: Planning for 2050

18 Dec 14 - Natalie Apostolou
Changes in the Australian population over the next 35 years will create demands that underpin the way our future cities are conceived and re-imagined.

Capital Markets

Hot Property

22 Dec 14
Competition for retail properties has been hot, but transaction volumes and yields are falling. Two fund managers explain what is currently driving returns.

Outlook for 2015

Outlook for 2015

29 Dec 14 - Nerida Conisbee
The forecast for next year’s office landscape indicates continued growth in offshore investment.

Shop Front

Property Australia Summer 2014-15

Property Australia Summer 2014-15
Champion of change: The secret of Carol Schwartz's success


  • July 2014 Office Market Report
    Total Vacancy by Capital City
    Sydney CBD 8.4% icon arrow green down
    Melbourne CBD 8.5% icon arrow green down
    Canberra 13.6%
    Brisbane CBD 14.7%
    Perth CBD 11.8%
    Adelaide CBD 13.8%

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  • Q2 2014 Investment Performance Index
    Total Annual Returns by Sector
    All Property  9.7% green arrow up
    Retail  9.8% green arrow up
    Office  9.0% green arrow up
    Industrial  12.1% green arrow up
    MSCI AU Real Estate Equities Gross in Local Currency  12.9% green arrow up
    MSCI Australia Equities Index Gross in Local Currency  17.4% green arrow up
    CBA Bond: All Series, All Maturities  7.0% green arrow up
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  • May 2014 Construction Activity Forecasts
    Annual Growth Rates by Sector
    Residential (3 Year) 4.3%
    Residential (6 Year) 2.3%
    Residential (9 Year) 2.2%     
    Non-Residential (3 Year) 0.4%
    Non-Residential (6 Year) 0.6%
    Non-Residential (9 Year) 1.1%
    Engineering (3 Year) -5.4%
    Engineering (6 Year) -3.8%
    Engineering (9 Year) -1.8%
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