Unlocking home equity solution to ageing ...

Yesterday - Fiona Benson
Unlocking home equity for seniors may not be the sexiest proposal around but it is one of the smartest and will help save the Budget from a full-scale blow out, according to new research released by the Property Council of Australia.

Building approvals in 2015 continue on record ...

04 Mar 15 - Fiona Benson
ABS Building Approvals released today break the 2014 record, with total national approvals climbing to 203,182 in seasonally adjusted terms, up from 201,025 in December last year.

Sydney’s housing deficit shortfall to rise to 190,000

Sydney’s housing deficit shortfall to rise to 190,000

Sydney is facing a housing deficit that will rise by 190,000 unless local councils accelerate the number of new approvals, according to a new report.



Mixed messages on foreign investment

Tuesday, 03 Mar 15
What is Australia’s policy on foreign investment? The federal government can’t seem to make up its mind.

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Chris Mountford
20 Nov 2014
Chris Mountford is the Executive Director of the Queensland Division of the Property Council of Australia.

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Retirement Living

Nominate a rising star

21 Jul 14
The Rising Generation Award is an opportunity to celebrate the success of young individuals who display innovation and leadership in their work and uphold the values of the retirement living industry.

Super stress for retirees

Super stress for retirees

28 Jul 14 - Property Week
Current superannuation structures may soon lead to hundreds of thousands of retirees renting, downsizing or moving in with their children because of dwindling retirement funds, says Club Plus Super.


First 5 Star Green Star – Performance rating ...

09 Feb 15
Wollongong City Council’s Administration Building, on the NSW south coast, is the first Australian building to achieve a 5 Star Green Star – Performance rating, the highest of its kind.

Government reduces energy efficiency red tape

Government reduces energy efficiency red tape

23 Feb 15 - Property Week
The Property Council of Australia has welcomed the passage through the Federal Parliament of a long-overdue legislative amendment to streamline the disclosure of energy performance for office buildings.


Finbar disposes of Gateway Building project

09 Feb 15
Finbar Group has sold the Gateway Building for $72.8 million in a sale that is expected to eventually deliver $20 million in cash for the apartment developer.

Sydney and San Francisco office investment yields lead the world

Sydney and San Francisco office investment yields lead the world

16 Feb 15 - Property Week
Globally, Sydney and San Francisco deliver the most attractive office investment yields, and Hong Kong and Tokyo the tightest, according to new research from Savills and Deakin University.


Housing starts the year in good health

09 Feb 15
CoreLogic RP Data Home Value Index results for January indicate a strong start to 2015 for the housing market, with capital city dwelling values up 1.3 per cent over the first month of the year.

Foreign investment rule changes imminent

Foreign investment rule changes imminent

09 Feb 15 - Property Week
Strengthening the compliance framework for foreign investment in residential to underpin record building approvals is emerging as a priority for the Abbott Government in 2015 with an announcement of rule changes expected shortly.


Retail vacancy rates continue downward trend

09 Feb 15
The second half of 2014 saw retail vacancy rates continue to decline, signalling a gradual improvement in leasing markets, according to JLL Research

Retail investment activity still growing

Retail investment activity still growing

23 Feb 15 - Property Week
Retail investment activity continues to grow, achieving record transaction volumes for the third consecutive calendar year, according to research from JLL.

Infrastructure & Planning

Let’s have the facts not fear on foreign ...

27 Feb 15
The Property Council of Australia is calling for a facts-based debate on the Government’s proposal to introduce a federal stamp duty for foreign purchases of Australian real estate.

NBN charges delayed

NBN charges delayed

02 Mar 15 - Property Week
The federal government has announced changes to its Telecommunications in New Developments policy following feedback from the Property Council and other key stakeholders.

Capital Markets

Brookfield to build Melbourne apartment tower

19 Jan 15
Brookfield Multiplex has been appointed by Central Equity to build Australis Melbourne, a 46-level apartment tower located at 601 Little Lonsdale Street in Melbourne’s CBD.

Investors to boost global real estate allocation

Investors to boost global real estate allocation

27 Jan 15 - Property Week
Investment allocations in global real estate are set to rise due to low interest rates and low bond yields, according to survey results jointly published by international industry associations ANREV, INREV and PREA.


Concerns raised on NBN plan for new projects

02 Feb 15
The Property Council has formulated a submission to the federal government’s ‘Telecommunications infrastructure in new developments policy’, focussing on the key issues arising from the policy, which could impact residential developers and homeowners nationally.

ACT signs up for Asset Recycling Initiative

ACT signs up for Asset Recycling Initiative

23 Feb 15 - Property Week
The Commonwealth Government has signed the first of its asset recycling agreements with the ACT Government and will undertake a scoping study into the divestment options of six Commonwealth properties in Canberra.

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Property Australia Summer 2014-15

Property Australia Summer 2014-15
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  • January 2015 Office Market Report
    Total Vacancy by Capital City
    Sydney CBD 7.4% icon arrow green down
    Melbourne CBD 9.1%
    Canberra 15.4%
    Brisbane CBD 15.6%
    Perth CBD 14.8%
    Adelaide CBD 13.5% icon arrow green down

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  • Q3 2014 Investment Performance Index
    Total Annual Returns by Sector
    All Property  9.9% green arrow up
    Retail  10.0% green arrow up
    Office  9.3% green arrow up
    Industrial  11.4%
    MSCI AU Real Estate Equities Gross in Local Currency  14.3% green arrow up
    MSCI Australia Equities Index Gross in Local Currency  6.3%
    CBA Bond: All Series, All Maturities  7.9% green arrow up
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  • May 2014 Construction Activity Forecasts
    Annual Growth Rates by Sector
    Residential (3 Year) 4.3%
    Residential (6 Year) 2.3%
    Residential (9 Year) 2.2%     
    Non-Residential (3 Year) 0.4%
    Non-Residential (6 Year) 0.6%
    Non-Residential (9 Year) 1.1%
    Engineering (3 Year) -5.4%
    Engineering (6 Year) -3.8%
    Engineering (9 Year) -1.8%
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