Cities report sets platform for change

20 Oct 2011
Caryn Kakas
Residential Development Council

The Property Council of Australia and the Residential Development Council welcome the Federal Government’s release today of State of Australian Cities 2011 saying it provides a foundation from which to build and grow sustainable and productive cities of the future.

Peter Verwer, Chief Executive of the Property Council of Australia, said the report set the stage for the implementation of much-need planning reform coupled with a major boost to infrastructure spending.

“If Australian’s are to maintain and improve our standard of living, it is essential that there is a major injection of funding into infrastructure which links our cities to each other and at the same time improves internal connectivity.

“The time has also come for a radical overhaul of our planning system with all tiers of Government working together to develop an integrated system that will ensure the best possible outcomes for all Australians.”

Caryn Kakas, Residential Development Council Executive Director, said availability of affordable and diverse housing choices are key to meeting liveability targets.

The report highlights two challenges to housing - delivering both new suburbs and regenerating inner suburban communities.

“With the exception of Sydney, families are still choosing to live in newly established suburbs and these areas are also delivering a large proportion of new jobs.”

"If these areas are to evolve into fully vibrant, sustainable communities with a similar range of lifestyle and employment options as can now be found in the existing suburbs, we must plan, fund and deliver infrastructure which fully support the transport needs to residents, business and employees."

“This will facilitate the formation of activity centres of employment with the potential for greater densification and integrated communities.”

“We also need to balance these improvements with people’s desire to also live in closer proximity to our city centres with infrastructure where improvements and planning reform just as vital for these areas as it is in the growth corridors,” said Ms Kakas.

“The cost and delivery issues of building in our cities must be addressed head on if we are to match people's choice locations with affordable housing choices.”

Mr Verwer acknowledged the “Liveable Cities Program” as being a first step in creating examples of best practice programs.

“Demonstration projects have a role in generating innovation. However, long-term, sustainable improvements to our urban centres must be met with a serious commitment to and investment in overhauling the planning system and supporting communities with a new infrastructure which alleviates congestion.”



Download "State of Australian Cities 2011"


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