Howard Smith Wharves site shrinks after community comment

17 Jun 2009
Property Council
Property Council

Brisbane City Council has amended its redevelopment plans for Howard Smith Wharves, after community comments criticised the 80% public open space allocation as ‘too little.’

Council’s original plan for the 3.25 ha site divided the area into three precincts, identifying areas to construct new buildings for commercial uses such as retail, restaurant and tourism and areas to be left as open space for community purposes.

Key elements proposed included:

· Provision of access to the Brisbane River

· Restoration of heritage wharves buildings and structures

· Construction of a hotel, restaurant and commercial developments on the site

· Construction of public walkways, bike paths and public open space (80% of site)

· Provision for rock-climbing

· A service vehicle access road

· Dedicated lifts

· A short-term mooring facility for water vessels

Comments received during the consultation phase related to requests for additional open space, concern about a loss of views, and the footprint of the building development area.

Community members did support a proposed mix of uses, building locations and heights.

As a result, Council has made the following changes to the development plan:

· Reduction in the building envelope and size of the proposed hotel

· Alteration in building shapes in Precinct 2

· The addition of a new 10 metre boardwalk and possible CityCat terminal.

The revised plan is now available for comment as part of the public notification stage of the development application process.

To review the revised plan, visit